A Seasonal Place Based Art Program


- Connecting to nature through art

- Four art projects 

- Materials included

- Access to four video tutorials

- Perfect for individuals and families

- Easily adaptable for classrooms


“You can’t know who you are, until you know where you are.”

- Wendell Berry


This program was inspired by my journey back to myself and the land. 

Each art project is designed to help you notice the world around you and deepen your connection to this place and yourself.


Here's a brief overview of the projects. 

1. Seasonal Centrepiece- Bringing nature inside.

2. Special Places - Connecting to your favourite places, anytime!

3. Moon Journals - Getting to know the moon

4. Art lessons from a Bark Beetle


The projects involve gathering natural materials, writing, drawing, painting, arranging, collage and photography. You don’t have to be a poet, painter, sculptor or photographer  to participate. You just need to have an open heart and be willing to engage with the activities without judgement. Trust in the process and give yourself permission to have fun. It’s not about the final product. You're not “being creative” or “making a beautiful picture”. You're simply immersing yourself in the present moment.


I hope you'll join me on the journey.


Winter Solstice Box