I believe that jewelry tells a story. It's about the artists and craftspeople who made it, where they live, their working conditions,  their process, what materials they used and how they sourced them.


Over the past decade we've seen the rise of a fast fashion model that brings us mass produced, inexpensive jewelry that is not meant to last and often involves poor working conditions and harmful environmental practices.


I created this new collection of earrings and pendants in response to this fast fashion model. The jewelry is made from plastic that I collected along the beach at Glenmore Reservoir. I hope it raises awareness of plastic pollution in our lakes and oceans and encourages people to question where their jewelry comes from. What story does it tell?


How I Made This Collection

As I walk along the beach near my house, I see little bits of colourful plastic sprinkled everywhere. Sadly it’s become our signature on the landscape. For the past several years I've organized a beach clean up on Earth Day and made art with the pastic we gathered. This year I decided to make jewelry with the plastic. Each piece was cleaned, sanitized, sanded and gently polished by hand. 


Plastic Pollution 

The history of plastic pollution is extensive because plastic never truly goes away, it just breaks apart into microplastics that animals ingest and absorb. For more information please cheack out the links below. 


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David Suzuki Foundations



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Beach Plastic Jewelry - Eco Jewelry