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The Zen of Seeing

For the past 9 years we've been transforming our yard into a wild and beautiful space. Slowly, each year more grass comes up, more gardens are planted and more food and beauty grow. I’m sometimes amazed by how many different plants we’ve managed to squeezed in here. It's my favourite place to be.

This land art practice is helping me to see my garden in a whole new way. Rather than just working in the garden, I'm taking time to wander around, touch plants, sit and watch them. I'm discovering their secret beauty. Seeing new colours and textures. Feeling inspired to create. Relaxing in their presence.

One of the first circles that I made was inspired by the variety of plants that grow here. A few days ago I gathered leaves and cut them into hearts because I knew the weather was changing. Tomorrow I'll make a circle with snow because it's been snowing for two days.

I'm so grateful for this patch of land. May it continue to be a source of food and inspiration for many more years. Here are some pictures of our garden's journey.