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Invitation 4: Poetry

This week's activity is inspired by a poem written by Sally Atkins.

Where I Am From

I am from sycamore

from cedar and sage from walnuts and witch hazel

roots of mountain laurel

gnarly and strong

I'm from shadows

of darkling pines

and eye shine of the mountain lion

I'm from wolf and wild turkey

from black bear and white tailed deer

from raven and red tailed hawk

and the winter call

of the great horned owl

I'm from whitewaters of the Nantahala

from headwaters of the New

rivers flowing clear and cold

in the veins of my blood

I’m from Storyteller Rock

the healing valley

sheltered by the Grandfather

I’m from the tongue of the northwest wind

licking the lingering leaves of beech

weaving her name in the braid of my hair

carving my true name

in the curve of my bones

-Sally Atkins


Take a pen and paper with you to a quiet spot outside where you can relax.

Spend a few minutes enjoying the world around you.

Plan to write for the next 20 minutes.

Use this line from Sally Atkins as your jump off line.

I am from……

This is meant to be a journey. See where that line takes you. Don't worry about spelling, grammar or making it sound good. This is for you. It's about the process. You can go back to it later if you want to edit it. For now just let the words spill on to the page.

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