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I Do It For The Joy

I do it for the joy it brings

'Cause I'm a joyful girl

'Cause the world owes me nothing

And we owe each other the world

I do it 'cause it's the least I can do

I do it 'cause I learned it from you

And I do it just because I want to 

'Cause I want to

Ani DiFranco, Joyful Girl

When I was a teenager Ani DiFranco's music had a huge impact on me. I admired her creativity, strength and values. The words from Joyful Girl have been echoing in my mind for over two decades and continue to guide me towards joy, creativity and service to others and the Earth.

A few weeks ago I found myself questioning the value of making art during this global pandemic. Is this how I should be spending my time? Is this what people actually need from me right now? The answer I came to was YES! Making art makes me feel good. Bringing beauty and joy to people's lives is what I do. I truly believe that art enriches our lives and  now more than ever, it's the art that surrounds us every day that is having the greatest impact.  The  handmade  mug from Jo-Ann that I drink my tea from every evening, the painting from Thérèse Murdza that hangs in my studio, the pile of books on my coffee table, the drawings my children make for our walls,  the Music that gets me dancing and the Earth Jewelry that I wear each day to brighten my spirit. It all contributes to a rich and fulfilling life. 

Hang in there, we're going to get through this. 

Andrea xx

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