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I Chose Love

Last Sunday there was a big Pride parade in downtown Calgary and I wanted to make my morning circle a rainbow. It was cold and rainy but there I was wandering around my garden gathering plants. My hands were freezing and the wind was blowing everything around but I kept working at it. After about 45 minutes I was almost done, I just needed a few more red pieces. I got up and ran around back to gather some cherries. On my way back around I bumped into my 7 year old son who joyfully announced that he'd cleaned up today's circle.

You see, my son is a super loving and helpful child and lately he's taken to helping me clean up my ZenBox after I make my daily circle.

"Oh, I wasn't finished" I said

"Oh, I thought you were" he replied

His big smile disappeared and he looked at me curiously. In the moments that followed I felt sad, frustrated, dissapointed and then ok. I witnessed all these emotions arise and then go away. It's like I pushed pause in the moment and instead of being hijacked by my emotions, I got to make a choice. I chose love. I chose to see the loving little boy in front of me.

When I reached my ZenBox I found all the colourful bits scattered all over the ground and the sand raked flat and clean. I started again. This time it was effortless. No rain, no wind, only sunshine. I felt really, really happy.

Oh, in case you're wondering, my son and I decided that from now on I'd put the lid back on the ZenBox when I'm done for the day. That way he'll know it's time to help.