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Invitation 6: Collaborating with Mother Nature

Have you ever come across a log in the forest that has beautiful designs carved all over it? These designs are made by bark beetles and I find them incredibly inspiring. Over the years I've made jewelry with them and spent hours drawing them.

For this activity, all you need is a piece of paper and a pen. I like to use a thick sharpie.

Find a comfortable sport in front of the log. Take some time to really look at the designs. You may choose to close your eyes and run your fingers over the lines. Don't rush, take as long as you'd like.

Next, pick up your pen and paper and start drawing what you see or feel. Keep your eyes on the log or closed. Try not to look at your paper. This practice will help you get to know the log and these designs on a deeper level and what shows up on your page will be a beautiful surprise.

Sometimes I like to add colour to mine.

I hope you enjoy the activity and if you'd like to share what you create you can reach me at or on Instagram #artinvitation6

Andrea xx

This is one that I decided to colour in

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