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I like to think of myself as someone who is mindful of their consumption and the waste I produce so I was surprised and humbled when I started diverting anything that wasn’t recyclable or compostable to my art studio. Crunchy plastic, snack wrapper from my kids lunches, leftover home reno materials, beach plastic and a million bits and bobbles that were designed to be used once and thrown away. 


When I started sorting through everything I noticed I had also accumulated bins of half used paints and supplies and lots of art that didn’t turn out, Since most of it was now coated in glue or a layer of paint I couldn’t recycle it, 


This inspired me to create new art from all this stuff and hopefully reduce my footprint along the way. For the Earth Friday Was born. It’s a weekly art practice where I create one mixed media collage every Friday on reclaimed wood and share it on Instagram. I use only materials I have or that are destined for the landfill. 


You can follow along on Instagram @andreamerredew


The pieces are available for purchase below and the money will go to support climate action.

Thanks for being here!

Andrea xx

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