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Come celebrate the beauty of Fall! 

Join me for an afternoon of art in the forest.

It's a chance to care for your self by slowing down, tuning into the beauty around you and immersing in the creative process.


There's room for eight beautiful souls.

No artistic ability necessary.

All materials will be provided.


Date: Sunday September 26 2-5pm 

Location: Voters Flats,

Fish Creek Provincial Park

Price: $69

Song For Autumn


In the deep fall

don't you imagine the leaves think how

comfortable it will be to touch

the earth instead of the

nothingness of air and the endless

freshets of wind? And don't you think

the trees themselves, especially those with mossy,

warm caves, begin to think


of the birds that will come - six, a dozen - to sleep

inside their bodies? And don't you hear

the goldenrod whispering goodbye, 

the everlasting being crowned with the first

tuffets of snow? The pond

vanishes, and the white field over which

the fox runs so quickly brings out

its blue shadows. And the wind pumps its

bellows. And at evening especially, 

the piled firewood shifts a little, 

longing to be on its way. 

~ Mary Oliver

New Program Coming Soon

​Make Art Not Waste 

If you're concerned about local and global environmental issues and want to make art that inspires social and cultural change, this is the place for you!

This course will introduce you to the world of Eco Art (also known as Environmental Art or Sustainable Art). We'll use upcycled materials, found objects, and materials that are made through processes that don't harm the earth. 

The program launches Fall 2021


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