We have so little of each other, now.

So far from tribe and fire.

Only these brief moments of exchange.

- Danusha Laméris

Come spend some time around the fire and in the studio.

This is not an art class. It's an invitation to lose yourself in flow. To show up as your beautiful imperfect authentic self and make something meaningful. 

During our time together, I'll guide you through some writing and mixed media prompts. We'll ground ourselves in nature and begin making the pages of our art journal. This handmade book will be a place to honour where you've been and celebrate who you are today.  I promise, it's going to be an incredible experience!

There's room for 8 women. No artistic ability required, 

All art materials will be provided.

Please bring old letters, magazines, papers, photos, fabric, poems, songs, quotes, artwork. Anything that you may want to incorporate into your journal. . 

Date: Sunday December 19 3-6pm 

Location: Private Studio in Inglewood

Price: $79

Please note that the Covid-19 Restrictions Exemption Program will be followed. 

New Program Coming Soon

​Make Art Not Waste 

If you're concerned about local and global environmental issues and want to make art that inspires social and cultural change, this is the place for you!

This course will introduce you to the world of Eco Art (also known as Environmental Art or Sustainable Art). We'll use upcycled materials, found objects, and materials that are made through processes that don't harm the earth. 


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