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A Love Story

Do you love yourself?

For most of my life the answer was: not really. I knew that I was supposed to love myself but the truth was that I didn't. I had abandoned myself long ago to fit in and be loved. I pushed myself hard, forced myself to do things that I hated, criticized my appearance, my intelligence and even my handwriting! I ignored my feelings and would do almost anything to be liked. Once in a while I'd find myself in an awful situation and wonder, how did I get here? That would lead to more shame and confirm my worst thoughts about myself.


Learning about healthy boundaries was my first step towards real self love. It got me into therapy 3 years ago and I’ve been there ever since. The fact that I’m sharing this with you is a testament to how far I’ve come. I’ve slowly unraveled the stories  and come to know and love myself for real. 


On New Year’s Eve I made the sweetest gift for myself and I’d like to invite you to make one too! All you need is a box of chocolates (empty or full) and a wish to love yourself a little more. 


Here are the details:

A Love Story

Date: Sunday February 11

Time: 1-4pm

Place: My studio in SW Calgary

Investment: $99


This workshop is all about showing up for yourself with real love and sweetness.


There are only 4 spaces available


You don't need any art skills.

I will walk with you through the process and demonstrate basic mixed media techniques.


All materials will be provide (except the box of chocolates).


Tea and snacks will be provided. 


Because I believe that art is for everyone, I’ll share the project in my newsletter on Valentines Day.


Andrea xx

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